Why I didn't cure my plantar fasciitis - yet.

Published on August 13 2014

About two years ago, I was super excited about my relatively new walking regimen. I started very quickly to take long, fast walks after I woke up and late at night. I have worked out a lot in the past, when I was younger, and my legs were still strong. I didn't recognize how many miles I was actually walking. Only afterwards did I discover I should have taken it slowly.

One day in the early morning, I jumped from my bed, excited about working out, and felt an intense pain in the heel of my foot. I fell back onto the bed. I could barely stand to place weight. It didn't take long to figure out that I had developed plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation in the heel. I instantly regretted that I started my workouts so intensely, so thoughtless. It was very painful.

So what did I do to cure my plantar fasciitis? Is it even possible to cure it? Well let me tell you, this is no short answer to that. Long story short - in my case I didn't manage to cure my plantar fasciitis for a very long time (sad, I know). But that was because I initially didn't take care of the problem right away. Anyways, I just recently read C. Soulliner's post about how to cure plantar fasciitis and she gives some valuable information how to take care of the problem in the long run and what really counts, in case you guys are interested. She mainly points out that strengthening your feet is the only way to actually cure plantar fasciitis.

Anyways, how to cure plantar fasciitis is a whole other topic that I might write a whole post about in the future.

My foot was iced by my physician and he prescribed me the anti inflammatory ibuprofen. He recommended that I ice my foot at home and start out with some light stretches. It was painful, but the ice helped a lot. However, I was too happy too soon. I got sloppy and at one point just didn't do it consistently anymore. I rather relied on wearing supportive shoes and taking anti inflammatory medicine instead of stretching and rehabbing my foot. Well, I paid my price for that.

Obviously, I had to place my walks on hold until the plantar fasciitis cured. I promised myself, that I would never start intense workouts after a long break. But I should also have promised myself to take care of my foot and do something to heal the inflammation that would come back over and over again in the future.

Written by Helene

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